• Virginie, Naturopath

Vitamin C against the coronavirus

Naturopaths and integrative doctors already know that vitamin C supports immunity and shortens colds and flus but I have to say I am so happy about this clinical trial! Intravenous vitamin C has been used for years in cancer treatment by integrative doctors. Naturopaths can't inject intravenously so we are dependent in that area on Doctors who support a nutritional and herbal way of treating patients, often in combination with orthodox medicine treatment- because why can't they work together? Very very curious about what they are going to find out! But wow 24g of vitamin C, it's a lot! Normally in pharmacies vitamin C is sold in either 500mg format or sometimes in 1g format so you can see why intravenous vitamin C injection is the way to go there. I'm not sure I would be too amenable about popping 24 or 48 pills per day! Let's hope for good results because this virus is not going quietly!

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