• Virginie, Naturopath

Vegetable juice, yes but don't waste anything!

I’m not too keen on fruit juices because of the sugar hit that you receive due to the lack of fibres naturally present in the fruit but I do love vegetable juices for all of their beautiful health-promoting phytochemicals! Don’t understand me wrong carrots and beetroots have the potential to deliver some sweetness as well but balanced with a lots of greens, they make a beautiful addition to a vegetable juice. However something that has always troubled me was the waste of fibres left after you juice. Well, I decided to try to make patties of them and they were delicious! And it’s actually totally easy: - Vegetables fibres - 2 eggs - 2 garlic cloves - Salt and pepper

Mix everything, form patties with hands, cook and eat!

So for everyone juicing out there, don’t waste anything! ☺️

And yes…I did a smiley face 😜

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