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Snacking in quarantine

Did you notice a sudden propensity to snack more since we’re stuck at home? Same here!! I had to be extra mindful about what I put in my mouth and how often I do it! And often there is no real hunger, it's more like a sense of boredom, isn’t it?

Like with everything, preparation is the key! So today as I was preparing a snack plate for my teenage boys, I decided to make a photo of that plate, just to show that nutritious snacks do not need to be expensive or complicated to make. Obviously having 2 physically very active teenage boys, their snack plate is of different size than mine but what we have in common is a piece of protein, vegetables, fruits and seeds!

Here are a few snacks I assembled: Pepitas: rich in zinc, great for our immune system Grapes and blueberries 1 Boiled egg Cherry tomatoes and bocconcini with herbs A few crackers with guac

Other ideas: Sliced cucumbers with goat cheese (yum!) Cottage cheese on crackers with chives Hummus and veggie sticks Piece of roasted chicken 1/2 an apple Roasted chickpeas Carrots sticks Cubed cheese etc.

Another thing that I always implemented with my boys is to centre yourself, pause before eating that food and ask yourself: am I really hungry? It allows you to connect with your body and listen to it. Sometimes the answer will surprise you! It might just be that you are thirsty rather than hungry or like me sometimes, just bored ;)

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