• Virginie, Naturopath

Plants and your medication

There are a lot of information about the efficiency of plants in treating diseases and there is the general idea that plants and nutrients in supplemental form can do no harm.

Well, they both have less side-effect than medicinal drugs but make no mistakes, they act physiologically on your body and they need to be monitored by a trained professional above all if you are on medications.

Some plants and nutrients may have significant interactions on drugs you are already taking for your condition.

For example, one of the most well known plant who has been proven to have anti-depressant properties but interact with most antidepressants is St John Wort. Not knowing that, you may have heard of the plant and think it can only help you and buy it over the counter when in fact, it may interact and reduce the effect of the drugs you are taking…

Or say you have really bad acne and the doctor has prescribed isotretinoin tablets (main brand: Roaccutane) which contains a retinoid related to vitamin A. At the same time you read that vitamin A is really good for your skin and buy some tablets, so hey, what could go wrong? Well, there is a major risk of additive toxic effect with the use of both the supplement and isotretinoin tablets.

I guess what I am saying is be careful about the supplements you take while on medication. If you plan to add a more natural approach to treating your condition, talk to a trained professional who knows about the benefits and the potential risks. Your naturopath will know this information.

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