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My New Program!

Let me introduce you to my… (rolling drums):

Chronic Inflammation and pain reduction Program

I am so very excited about this program. This is one that involves Earthing! If you’ve followed my blogs or if you are one of my long suffering loved ones, you will know how convinced I am about the therapeutic effects of earthing. Not only am I convinced but I’ve seen pain reductions in people who tried it, sometimes it was incredible to see! However this is not only for pain. Pain reduction is only one of the side effects. Studies have shown that it decreases inflammation and therefore helps pretty much every chronic disease you can think of. It improves sleep, improves your cardiovascular system, reduces your blood pressure, reduces stress, depression and anxiety by lowering your cortisol level and boosts your immune system. In summary it makes your body work better.

So in this consultation you will have to be earthed. It’s part of the treatment. And therefore not only am I going to demonstrate and explain what Earthing is but you will have your own Earthing matt/pad included in this program that will help you stay earthed for longer period of time, at home.

But it’s not all. Earthing works at helping your body work better as a whole but my therapeutic herbs and nutritional supplements will cut to the chase and help the specific body systems that need healing. I use evidence-based herbs that are known to instigate healing in the body and will complement and amplify the Earthing treatment.

So what’s included in this program?

- An initial consultation- Lasts 1h30 to 2h. Yep I will spend lots of time investigating :)

- 2 Follow-up consultations- Lasts 30mn-45mn

- You will be earthed during each consultation

- 1 Earthing Mat or Pad, depending on your needs

- 1 personalised treatment plan

- 1 Food diary

- 1 Symptoms diary if applicable

- Nutrition Plan

- Lifestyle plan

Not included: you may need to purchase some herbal remedies or nutritional supplements if applicable. However I do not like to overprescribed, the simpler the treatment is the better.

Investment= $399

Do note that I am now only available on Saturdays.

I am really looking forward to being a part of your healing journey! If you have any questions, contact me on my website or through my Facebook page and I will be more than happy to give you more information.

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