• Virginie, Naturopath

Just eat healthy!

Nutrition can be truly confusing when you start looking at the myriad of different diets that claim to be the best and offering the perfect health. I’m not saying that some diets’ claims are unfounded but I acknowledge the difficulty of making the best decision for yourself.

That is why I found this article really interesting! It relates the results of a study stating that the type of diet a person follows is not as important as simply making sure it includes healthy and nutrient-dense foods.

And we all know what healthy foods are, nothing new there:

- Eat plenty of vegetables (6+ serves) and 2 pieces of fruit

- Eat fibre rich food (vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes- helps with bowel movements and feed good bacteria in your gut)

- Dont eat too much red meat (inflammatory)

- Include healthy fats (avocado, olive oil etc..)

- Include more fatty fish in your diet (omega 3s are anti-inflammatory)

- Avoid or restrict sugary beverages and sweets

- And drink drink drink water! Stay hydrated!

So if you are confused about what to eat to stay healthy, just follow these principles and don’t worry too much about putting a name on your diet :)

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