• Virginie, Naturopath

Be kind to yourself first

What do you do for your mental health at the moment? It’s hard enough under normal circumstances but with everything happening, it has to become a priority.

Well, there is something that most people think they are not very good at and therefore do not really take the time to do but really works well in decreasing stress and all type of mental health issues… See, this one thing which has been studied time and time again by scientists and has shown to consistently have the ability to make you a happier, more relaxed person is… meditation. You knew it, didn’t you?

You’re home with more time on your hand so it might be worthwhile trying it (again?). To help out I have attached a link which will disappear within a week but that I can send again if needs be (just message me). And as a personal note, we are very often asked to be kind to others, to give, to be there, to help and this is truly important. However you will not be able to do all those things if you are not charging your own batteries. My point is, be kind to yourself first, then you will be able to give so much more! Meditation is being kind to yourself.[]=en

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