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Antibiotics linked to depression and anxiety

We all know the importance of having a diverse gut microbiome. And we also know that antibiotics are not particularly good at promoting it. In fact they destroy this diversity.

Now, I’m the first one to support antibiotic use if needed. They can be life savers. However I thought it was important to be aware of a little known side-effect which is another proof of the link between our gut diversity and our mood.

Antibiotic use has been linked to increase depression and anxiety. A 2015 study* in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry stated that the more courses of antibiotics a person had over their lifetime, the more likely they were to have depression and anxiety. This risk can increase up to 40% likelihood!!

For this reason, each time you have to take an antibiotic it is so important to rebuild your gut microbiome with appropriate probiotics (they’re not all the same) and make sure to eat whole food filled with both pre- and probiotics.

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