About Myself

My Journey

I have a business degree in marketing and never thought that one day, I would become a naturopath but life has a wicked sense of humour!

My younger son was born with very severe eczema. I did what most parents would have done, I bought some creams in pharmacies and health food shops but he was reacting to all of them. I saw a dermatologist who prescribed a cortisone cream, the eczema did clear up but started to come back and his answer was, let's try a stronger cortisone cream. Well, this did not sit well with me, so I researched every free moment I had, about plants, herbs, nutrition and anything that could help. 

I ended up doing creams on my own, starting my own business manufacturing soothing natural organic cream. It did well but I needed more, I wanted to learn about these fabulous plants and nutrients that had helped my son so much. So I started studying naturopathy at ACNT ... and here I am. 

Although my younger son's condition was a big factor in my decision, my older son's also had recurrent croup way till his teens years to the utter puzzlement of numerous Drs and he also helped me understand the working of the immune system and how to provide it with the best tools possible. 

As a wink to my children's help in letting me be the professional I am today, I named my naturopathic practice using a mix of their names and Eneo Naturopathy was born.

To say I am passionate about natural healing with plants and nutrition is an understatement. I see myself a little bit like a detective. I want to find out why you are unwell and what is at the root of your condition. Above all, I know first hand the emotional impact a disease can have on you and your family.

I want to help you getting better!